Model Casting Calls

Would you like the opportunity to walk at our next fashion week? RSVP your attendance on the following links to upcoming casting calls. Male, female and child models welcome.

Super Chic Fashion Tour 2020 Calendar


Los Angeles Fashion Week (March 7th, 2020) 

Panama Swim Week (March 21st, 2020)

NYC Spring Fashion Week (April 5th, 2020)  

Moscow Fashion Week (April 25th-26th 2020)

Miami Fashion Trade Show Expo (May 16th, 2020)

Miami Swim Week (July 12th, 2020)

Los Angeles Swim Week (July 18th, 2020)

Boston Fashion Week (August 22nd, 2020)

New York Fashion Week Fall (September 5th, 2020)

Paris Fashion Week (September 12th, 2020)

Los Angeles Fashion Week (October 10th, 2020)

Houston Fashion Week (November 7th, 2020)

Miami Art Basel Fashion Week (December 5th, 2020)

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